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The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) has done things that are far more heinous than anything Grant Ward has ever done as far as we know, and yet, at the end of the movie, you’re rooting for him to come back on the side of the angels,

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The difference here being that Grant Ward CHOSE to do them.

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Worst of all — this dude is one of the execs for Agents of SHIELD, and this sounds like a prelude to a fucking redemption arc. Now I fully expect the next season to be a shitfest. Just… how can you misinterpret your characters this badly? 

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#friends don’t let friends write redemption arcs for grant ward

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bucky was literally a prisoner of war who was experimented on and tortured until he was unable to fight back against any orders and the minute someone showed up who started treating him like a person again, he started to revert back to his humanity and fight against his programming

ward is a grown-ass man who was treated as a person by the people on his team clearly presented with opportunities by them to make the right choices and refused to make the right choices every time

fuck grant ward

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This. The entire fracking episode. It’s lacrosse. It’s high school.

Where’s Danny?

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Hey folks!

Steven Universe is probably my favorite cartoon on TV (rivaled by Gravity Falls for me, but these are not by any means the only two fantastic cartoons currently airing).  It has such unique themes, great action, catchy tunes, and amazing visuals all wrapped up in these quaint, subtle, quiet, 11-minute episodes, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Not that I have to.  I suspect most of you have watched at least an episode of it.

I like the idea of the Gems in formal wear, so that’s what I did here.  I admit that Pearl probably wouldn’t be quite so “glam rock meets Kate Bush,” but I’m a sucker for heavy eye makeup and dramatic shoulders (see:  every piece of art I’ve ever done, ever).  Amethyst seems like the kinda gal that would mix the edgy with the classy, and Garnet is always and forever, super regal.  Steven, of course, couldn’t be bothered to wear actual formal wear, so I put him in one of those silly tux tees.  :)

I’m preparing a few fan art pieces to sell as prints at Dragon Con - just a few, I much prefer the majority of my table to feature original work.  This is one of them!  I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you’ll consider buying a print at the show (or any I might have left over afterward).






imagine the avengers playing hide and seek and bucky is always a master at hiding so steve uses a metal detector to find him

"Bucky you’re in the couch."

Muffled swearing



what happened in roughly 1870 though

why was there temporary internet

with a few people searching for pokemon?



This is not a tasty gummy sweet but a Jewel Caterpillar found in Amazon Rainforest. They are covered with sticky goo-like, gellatinous tubercles that provides protection from its predator like ants until they metamorphosise into winged moths.

To use psychopathy as the lens through which one views either systemic or individual violence is to reinforce the structural power of the medical-industrial complex at the expense of disabled people, poor people, and people of color.

My advice: Be precise in your language and say that oppressive structures are violent and manipulative. Say that those who abuse their structural positions of power act with reckless disregard for other human beings. Say that they are callous and unabashedly wielding the power that comes with their privilege.

But don’t call them psychopaths.

Lydia Brown, ‘Why the Term ‘Psychopath’ is Racist and Ableist,’ Black Girl Dangerous

This whole piece is excellent. I highly recommend reading it. 

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I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”


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